Pets now allowed at MRT-3

Just two weeks before the end of the free ride here on MRT-3, the public transport allowed pets to board the trains.

People and fur will be able to ride the MRT-3 Starting this weekend.


This is after the MRT-3 management announced that they would allow some domesticated animals, such as dogs and cats, to ride.

Pets only need to wear a diaper and be placed in an enclosed pet carrier measuring no more than 2ft. by 2ft. big.

Only one pet per passenger can board the MRT-3. Nor may the animal be fed on the ride, and it must not occupy a seat reserved for other passengers.


Pet owners must also fill out a waiver form stating that MRT-3 is not liable whatsoever for any loss or damage caused by the pet’s ride on the train.

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Woman in Norzagaray stabbed for broken videoke mic

A 32-year-old woman died after a fellow drinker stabbed her due to a fight over a broken mic in a videoke in Barangay Tigbe, Norzagaray, Bulacan, last Saturday night.


The suspect, identified as alias ‘Mary Jane,’ 23-years-old, was arrested.

The suspect and the victim, alias ‘Ana,’ were allegedly together at a drink with a videoke at their friend’s house.

The suspect allegedly returned home but returned to the bar to pick up the microphone she had borrowed from the videoke.

When the suspect found out that her mic was broken, it was here that they argued.

It is said that the two friends were separated, and the session ended.

But on her way home, the victim passed by a store near the suspect’s house.

It was here that Mary Jane grabbed Ana in their yard and stabbed her in various parts of the body.

‘Ana’ was taken to the San Jose Del Monte City Hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

The suspect will face murder charges.

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