Zeinab Harake confirms split with rapper Skusta Clee

Social media personality Zeinab Harake confirmed that she and rapper Skusta Clee or Daryly Ruiz in real life have separated.

In an interview with Toni Gonzaga, Zeinab revealed why she and Skusta Clee have broken up.


According to the YouTube star, they had a happy relationship until they started having fights in January. The rapper even announced last December 2021 that they could be getting married this year.

“We had our fights starting from January. But only couple’s fight. That I thought if we fight and we made up, then it’ll be fine, but apparently not,” she said in Filipino.

“March was really the time that he would always leave me where it arrived to a point that I begged him,” she said.


Zeinab said Skusta knew at the time that she was pregnant with their second child Baby Moon. Unfortunately, the baby boy died shortly after he was born at four months old.

Zeinab Harake confirms split with rapper Skusta Clee

She said she had a complicated pregnancy with Baby Moon and had bleeding in the first month. She also has depression. She would always ask Skusta Clee not to leave her alone. However, the rapper would keep on leaving her whenever they had a fight until they finally separated and Skusta moved out of their house.

Zeinab then asked the rapper’s parents to talk to him so they could fix their family. So Skusta went back to their house. But it was there that she discovered that he had been cheating on her with several women.


“I opened his laptop and there it was, the messages were open. So now, he was deleting messages on his phone. I didn’t read everything. What I read was with a pimp. Then, with the other girl he tried to seduce that is not the worst,” she said.

The incident that made Zeinab Harake break up with Skusta Clee was when the rapper swore that he was not cheating, even if his mother, Zeinab, or their daughter Bia dies.

“He said that even his mother dies, if I die or Bia dies. Because no father or husband would their wife to die just to cover his lies,” she said.

Zeinab Harake said she was helping herself recover for her daughter Bia.

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