Woman slits throat of 15-year-old best friend over jealousy

A woman slit the throat and stabbed her 15-year-old best friend because of jealousy in Agusan del Norte, John Consulta reported in “Saksi” Thursday night.

Rakman Panondi, 22, and “Gina” (not her real name) are best friends, but their friendship was tested when they fell in love with the same man.


According to Rakman, the teenager who’s the same age as Gina is already her boyfriend. But everything changed when her boyfriend got attracted to Gina.

The boy’s attention was already focused on Gina. And Rakman was very jealous of it.

Jealousy leads to crime.


Gina was found dead in the cemetery. Her throat was slit, and she had stab wounds in the stomach.

Police Major Renel Serrano, a PRO13 spokesperson, said the murder case had been filed against the suspect.

“Siya ‘yung umamin na salarin sa naturang krimen, dahil nag execute siya (ng) extrajudicial confession subscribed by the public attorney’s office assisted by his counsel,” said Serrano.


(She admitted to the crime because she executed extrajudicial confession subscribed by the public attorney’s office assisted by his counsel.)

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15 MRT3 maintenance service staff have COVID-19

The 15 staff of Sumitomo-MHI-TESP, the maintenance provider of MRT3, were positive for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). But this does not affect the operation of the train.

Vonne Aquino reported on GMA News “24 Hours” on Thursday that a Sumitomo-MHI-TESP staff member was the first to test positive of the virus after experiencing a sore throat.

“The depot personnel’s last day to report at the depot was on June 8. On the same day, contact tracing was done for the COVID-19 positive Sumitomo-MHI-TESP depot worker, with 32 depot personnel being identified to have made contact with the worker,” said MRT3 administration.

The next day 32 staff took an RT-PCR test, and 14 of them came out positive for the virus, but they asymptomatic.

MRT-3 immediately conducted a disinfection procedure at the quality control office where staff members were assigned.

In addition to regular disinfection on trains and stations, the depot-wide disinfection was repeated Monday.

MRT3 added health and safety protocols to limit the contact of depot personnel and station personnel.