Water dumped by yacht into Manila Bay contains oil, grease: DENR

According to the results of a laboratory test on samples released this Wednesday, the water dumped by a yacht in Manila Bay was found to be oily, greasy and with a high fecal coliform level, based on the results of a laboratory test on water samples released this Wednesday the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

It turns out that the oil and grease of the discarded dirty are 19 milligrams per liter, against the normal level of 5 milligrams per liter, the DENR said.


Its fecal coliform level reaches 1,700 MPN per 100 milligrams, which is far from the normal level of 200 MPN per 100 milligrams.

Environment Undersecretary Jonas Leones said it was not just engine grease but also grease or oil used inside the yacht.

The DENR will file a Notice of Violation with yacht owner Emil Neri and invite him to explain at a technical conference.


“Next week, after we have completed the process, magko-convene na yung Manila Bay task force. And they will be adjudicating the violations of the shipowner. And hopefully, they will be coming up with the appropriate sanctions, penalties and impositions of the fines against the shipowner,” explained Leones.

Neri also allegedly violated the Clean Water Act, Marine Pollution Decree, and Fisheries Code.

Water dumped by yacht into Manila Bay contains oil, grease: DENR

Neri initially refused to give a statement and said he was still waiting for a copy of the laboratory test results.


Meanwhile, the Philippine Coast Guard will also monitor yachts and ships that are outside 2.5 kilometers from the seawall of Manila Bay, according to the official.

The Manila Yacht Club is also under surveillance.

“We are monitoring the quality dito sa yacht club. Itong yacht club, at Philippine Navy at Harbor Square, we are monitoring their outfalls. At may nakita kaming outfalls na nag-exceed ng ating standard, at na-issue-han na ito ng LLDA ng notice of violations,” it said.

“We have also identified illegal pipes dito sa harbor square. We identified mga illegal outfalls. We are now scheduling the sealing of the illegal pipes.”

Leones asked private yachts and ships to cooperate with the DENR while the beach nourishment project in Manila Bay, which is expected to be completed in June or July, is still underway.

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