Vlogger Kim Whamos faces complaints in Raffy Tulfo in Action

The mother of Antonette, the girlfriend of popular vlogger Kim Whamos, approached Idol Raffy Tulfo's office to get her daughter back.

According to Mrs. Dolly Del Rosario, she wants to take back her daughter, who is only 17-years-old and is currently with Whamos.


She said that it was August 2 when Antonette left their house. Whamos allegedly accompanied her to take clothes and her things. Since then, her daughter allegedly did not talk to her.

She said he didn't catch up with Antonette, so she just made a blotter at Police Station 10 about her daughter and Kim Whamos.

Whamos allegedly knew that her daughter was a . Dolly doesn't know where Whamos and Antonette are going.


Dolly wants her daughter to return.

According to Dolly, there were also other women whom Whamos dazzled to go home with him and make vlogs.

According to Atty. Gareth Tungol, Whamos can be charged with child because the vlogger is 24 and Antonette is a minor. Furthermore, Whamos can still be held accountable even if Antonette voluntarily joins him because the in the Philippines is 18-years-old.


Whamos should have prevented Antonette from going with him.

Vlogger Kim Whamos faces complaints in Raffy Tulfo in Action

According to Antonette, they had talked to her mother before that it was okay for her to go with Kim Whamos first. So she was just surprised when his mother reacted when she saw that his daddy showed support for them in the show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.

Antonette revealed that her mother's partner allegedly molested her.

“Ilang years ko kinikim yun. Ilang years ako na-trauma nun,” Antonette revealed.

He also allegedly beat her every time she came home late.

According to Atty. Gareth, with parental consent, you can no longer complain about child abuse.

Dolly denied Antonette's accusation and said that her fabricating was fabricating it. She said it would not last staying in their house if she was molested.

It is said that Antonette is now with her father, so Idol Raffy's team will no longer pick her up.

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