Viral online seller Madam Inutz featured in KMJS

Viral online seller Madam Inutz was featured in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS) on Sunday, August 15.

The netizen has a new social media darling in the person of the online live seller “Madam Inutz.” But behind the scenes and cheerful face, she is a loving and responsible daughter to her bedridden mother after a stroke.


In this Sunday’s episode of KMJS, Daisy Cabantog was said to be Madame Inutz’s real name.

But in his online live selling of garments, it is noticeable that thousands hang out or watch her, but no one “mines” or buys, and instead does nothing but greet.

That is why Madame Inutz, short for useless, often sneezes and makes jokes as a reason for her to be reported.


But even though she was nicknamed “Madame Inutz,” Daisy was not useless because Daisy was struggling to make a living and realized that life was difficult.

And in addition to the three children she is raising, she also takes care of her mother, who has been bedridden for five years after suffering a stroke.

“Ang ikinakatakot ko number one mawala siya,” said Daisy.


Viral online seller Madam Inutz featured in KMJS

She said that to the best of her ability, she would not abandon his mother.

But it had happened to them before that they could not get any money.

That’s why she appealed to those who reported her live selling just because they are now taking care of the family.

Watch the story and get to know Madam Inutz even more in the KMJS video.

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