Three reasons why utilising virtual offices in the Philippines can benefit your business

Many business owners are beginning to recognise the advantages of expanding their business operations into the Philippines. This stunning island nation offers a strong and capable workforce that is open to new ideas and opportunities in a country that is currently experiencing an economic upsurge. With a consumer-driven population of more than 105 million people, there is an abundance of both domestic and regional opportunities waiting to be tapped into. And with a strategic position in the Philippines further opportunities in the ASEAN market can easily be capitalised on.

Companies of all sizes are taking advantage of the growing trend of utilising virtual offices in lieu of buying property, entering into long-term fixed rental contracts, hiring staff locally, installing office furniture, appliances, technologies and dealing with all the other headaches of setting up in a new country. To learn more about some of the advantages of virtual offices, visit this link:


If you’re considering entering the Philippines to help expand your operations, keep reading to out how virtual offices can benefit your business.

Gain Trust and Influence

Having a prestigious local address will help you gain trust and give you more influence when you’re meeting with new, potential clients. With a local address in a sought-after location, you can grow your business and approach new clients with confidence. How others perceive your business will be heavily influenced by where you are located, so it is vital to do everything you can to portray your business in the best light possible. Gain trust and influence with those in the know and build trust in your brand locally.

Have Space Available Worldwide

When you link up with a highly developed virtual office company like Servcorp, you will have access to 160 office locations in different countries around the world. Access to boardroom and meeting facilities in such a diverse range of locations is impressive to potential clients and allows you to grow your business on a global scale.


Working from home and arranging to meet clients in coffee shops is not a big issue in the early days. However, as you grow and expand, you need to put forward a more professional and presentable image of your company. Virtual offices are a great way to achieve this and something that every business owner should consider when moving into foreign markets.

Free Up Your Time

Virtual offices come equipped with experienced local secretarial staff. Having bilingual staff answer calls as instructed by you will save you time and energy and allow you to get on with running your business. You can remotely customise your set up to allow your receptionist to forward your calls to different phone numbers at different times of the day. And you can use Servcorp’s unique ‘Find me, follow me’ technology, to ensure all calls reach you, even if they are outside of ordinary business hours. Facilities like these mean you don’t waste time chasing missed calls and dealing with mundane enquiries.

Virtual Offices Make Your Life Easier

‘Going virtual’ is proving to be a great choice for growing businesses in today’s global economy. You can get set up with a local address, staff and all the bells and whistles of a modern office without signing any long-term contracts. Coupled with state-of-the-art technologies and facilities, you can easily enter overseas markets such as the Philippines with confidence and avoid the large financial risks often associated with expanding into a new country.


Make life easier for yourself with a virtual approach and give your business the chance to develop and grow. Working from a prestigious, sought-after address, you will quickly impress local clients and will gain their respect and trust in the process. This puts you in an influential position in the local market. From there it’s up to you to capitalise on the opportunities that come your way and make sure your business is one to be reckoned with.