Team Kabang will continue legacy of deceased hero dog

This Wednesday, the group that helped treat Kabang promised that they will continue the advocacy of the hero dog after he passed away.

One of the lessons Kabang left is to value Aspins like him and to welcome dogs into homes.


“Team Kabang would like to assure the public that we will exhaust all avenues to advocate for improved animal health and welfare most specially street dogs and cats through partnerships with private corporations and government institutions,” said Mona Consuji, founder of Team Kabang.

“The team had never stopped working on programs like rabies elimination and humane handling programs in local governments. The team has agreed to continue Kabang’s legacy and memory through these initiatives.”

The group recalled awards previously given to Kabang, such as his trip to California. Some of the awards were recognizing him as a dog hero. Kabang was also lined up with the heroes of the Red Cross.


The hero dog of Zamboanga City, , passed away on Monday.

Team Kabang will continue legacy of deceased hero dog

In a Facebook post, a black and white photo of 13-year-old Kabang can be seen.

“It is with profound sadness that I announce the demise of our hero dog Kabang,” said the photo’s caption. “I found her lying motionless near her bed tonight.”


“Thank you for the [eight] years of unconditional love, loyalty, and joy you brought to our family. Thank you for the life lessons and the inspiration you gave to the world,” it added.

In another Facebook post, the veterinarian took care of Kabang, Dr. Anton Lim, some dog memories and how much he will miss it.

“I knew one day this would come. No matter how I prepared myself mentally, the suddenness of how you died, left a deep void in my heart,” said Lim.

“You did not even give us the chance of nursing and taking care of you in your old age and watch you drift away,” he added.

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