“It’s a setup!” Korean accused of asking to sniff girls’ feet before exposing himself

The girls allege he asked to sniff their feet before flashing his penis at them after they got into his car

A Korean man accused of asking two underage girls if he could sniff their feet before showing them his penis insists he is the victim of a “setup”.

Sing Hun Bae, who says he is a lawyer, was filmed by GMA News at a barangay hall in Parañaque City angrily protesting his innocence after two girls were allegedly seen fleeing from his van.


Visibly distressed, he shouted: “Do not be like this for foreigners. Do not setup it like this! This is setup!”

One of the teenagers, aged 15, said that they were walking along President Avenue when Mr Sing stopped to ask for directions from his car. She said that he then asked them to get into his vehicle, saying: “Can you come with me, I’ll not do anything to you.”

The girl said that after they got into the vehicle, Mr Sing began making lewd requests, at one point asking if he could sniff their feet.


After she turned down this strange request he allegedly took out his penis and invited the girls to touch it. When they threatened to report him, they said he panicked and unlocked the door. The girls then dashed out of the car.

Barangay ‘kagawad’ (councillor) Rey Casanova said he spotted the girls running from the vehicle and went to check on the situation.

He added that that Mr Sing seemed “highly intoxicated” and began shouting the moment he got out of his car.


Mr Sing dismissed the allegations against him and said that he offered the teenagers a ride because he was heading in the same direction they were.

He said: “I did nothing, look at their bodies, nobody hurt them.”

Speaking to reporter Vonne Aquino, Mr Casanova took the opportunity to remind parents to make sure their children weren’t wandering the streets late at night.