Sharon Cuneta supports daughter Miel Pangilinan coming out as queer

Megastar Sharon Cuneta said, “all my children are perfect” after her Miel Pangilinan came out as a member of the queer community.

Cuneta wasted no time in expressing her full support for her child, who turned to Instagram to come out as “openly and publicly queer.”


“All I will say is that I LOVE ALL MY CHILDREN AND WILL SUPPORT THEM IN THEIR LIVES AND CHOICES. I am proud of my children and ALL MY CHILDREN ARE PERFECT. I love you, my Miel,” Sharon Cuneta said in her initial post.

In a subsequent post, the veteran actress defended Miel against all of the terrible remarks her child has received since admitting to being a member of the LGBT community.

“I know that my Miel’s coming out will draw lots of attention. Lots of them will be negative. Lots of people who are quick to judge instead of pausing to think for a moment that my daughter, like so many members of the LGBTQ+ community, did not choose to be queer. She just is,” she explained.


Cuneta stated that she has great respect for members of the LGBTQ community before congratulating her on her brave move.

Sharon Cuneta supports Miel Pangilinan coming out as queer

“What’s next is that I will have a happier who is now ‘free’ and will always be a good person with a good heart — and still always courageous,” Cuneta said.

“I will love her just the same, if not more. Like I said, all my children are PERFECT. I may be a Mom with traditional values, but that doesn’t mean that my mind is too tiny to accept people for what they are — what more my own child?” she added.


“Be strong! It’s your life, no one else’s. Don’t give any negative commenters any attention. They don’t matter. We do. And we’ve got your back. Forever and ever,” Sharon Cuneta wrote.

Miel expressed her gratitude for being able to safely celebrate her identity because she realizes that others do not have the same opportunity.

Miel Pangilinan admitted that as a new member of the queer community, she still has a lot to learn and comprehend now that she’s come out.

She is Cuneta’s youngest daughter from her to politician Kiko Pangilinan.

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