Senator Miriam: “God made the middle finger for jerks in government”

Miriam Defensor  Santiago Pointing on the Floor at those who corrupt her very system without shame

You’ve got to give it to Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago for her tough stance on stupidity, cover-ups and shame in the very government she is leading.

Though she has returned to the senate floor, even today she walked out of a hearing where the BS got just too much. Miriam only took so much from those in the hearing and she simply argued her point and walked out, leaving the proceedings in limbo.


Though still sick and going through treatments for her lung cancer, Miriam has taken to the floors of hearings and judicial proceedings that are often lame duck sessions where nobody does or says anything.

“My attitude is one of total surrender and resignation to the will of God,” Santiago said.

In a televised proceeding the senator wasted no time at all taking jabs at corrupt politicians who simply sit back and take in the big money.


“As for all those jerks in government who are my enemies, I repeat, they are the reason why God created the middle finger,” Santiago said.


“Only my body is sick of cancer, not my brain. Unlike other people who have brain cancers and continue to hold public office,” the senator added later.


Santiago said she is fed up, often depressed and discouraged from the pork barrel scam issues. Now with the vice president directly involved in scamming his own people in the Makati City Hall II parking lot and the Disbursement Acceleration Program scam, the Philippines simply does not have to think why they are frowned upon when in business dealings throughout the global community.

“I also think that I should be president because it is now so difficult to be president of this. I would describe it as a feckless or irresponsible country,”

She simply believes that everyone holding high positions in the government of the Philippines are irresponsible. 

“They do not have any feeling that my brother is my responsibility,” she said.

Santiago was questioned numerous times on her running position for president of the Philippines. She has noted that her term as senator runs out in 2016 and her hopes to run for president is just one option she is pursuing.

Among those she said she would consider running with are Davao City Mayor, Rodrigo Deturte, Gilbert Teordor and Senator Grace Poe.

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