Rescued Chinese crew members wanted for crimes in China

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has reported the issuance of exclusion orders against the seven Chinese crew members of a distressed fishing vessel in the waters off Eastern Samar. They were wanted for crimes in China. 

Immigration Commissioner Norman Tansingco confirmed that the crew found in fishing vessel Kai Da 899 are wanted by Chinese police for criminal offenses, as relayed by Chinese authorities.


The aliens were identified as Tang Rixin (alias Tong Yat Sun), 63; Mai Bolin (alias Mak Pak Lam), 55; Chen Zhewei, 48; He Chengjun, 41; Liu Jianping, 36; Shi Junning, 52; and Lei Dengzai, 34. Rixin and Bolin are Hong Kong nationals while the rest are from mainland China.

The crew members failed to provide proper documents, and after further investigation, it was found out that the fishing vessel was a supply boat contrary to what was initially reported.

According to Tansingco, the foreigners were denied entry considering that they were found in Philippine territory with intention to circumvent immigration arrival formalities.


“Their presence in the country as fugitives from justice poses a risk to public interest. We have included their names in the BI’s blacklist, effectively barring them from re-entering the country,” Tansingco added.

The seven illegal entrants were escorted by BI intelligence officers via Philippine Airlines flight PR382 from Manila back to Guangzhou, China on Wednesday, April 6.

US vows to defend South China Sea amid tensions

The United States has vowed to defend the Philippines in the contentious South China Sea as tensions with China continue to mount.


The two countries have commenced their largest-ever joint exercises, Balikatan, which involve the participation of nearly 18,000 troops. For the first time, the exercises will also feature a live-fire drill in the disputed waters, which China claims as its own.

Meanwhile, China recently concluded a three-day military exercise targeting Taiwan, a self-governing democracy which Beijing regards as part of its own territory.

The exercise simulated targeted strikes and a blockade of the island, raising concerns about China’s increasing aggression in the region.

US Officials hold rare joint talks with Philippines in Washington, discussing deal for US forces to use bases in the Philippines, including one near Taiwan. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin met with their Philippine counterparts.

US officials reaffirmed their commitment to support the Philippines against coercion or intimidation, especially in the South China Sea. Blinken stressed the significance of the alliance amid increasing regional tensions.

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