PSG plans to file case against COVID-19 positive Rep. Yap

The Presidential Security Group (PSG) is already studying to file a case against ACT-CIS party-list Rep Eric Go after going to despite being a person under investigation or PUI.

Yap later revealed he tested positive of COVID-19 after he attended special meetings with top-level officials and the House’s special session on Monday.


According to PSG Commander Col. Jesus Durante III, Yap did not declare in PSG’s health declaration form that he was experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and was undergoing testing on March 15.

Yap earlier admitted he experienced a “slight cough,” which is a symptom of COVID-19, but still, he did not isolate himself.

The congressman went to on March 21 to meet with some lawmakers and the Cabinet.


Before visitors could enter Malacañang, they need to fill out a form detailing their health condition and recent history. The information will be the basis of whether they could or could not enter the Palace.

Durante said that PSG is allowed Yap to enter the based on his answers.

Due to Yap’s lying, six PSG personnel and 20 staff of the Office of the President have already been quarantined and became persons under investigation.


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PSG plan to file case against COVID-19 positive Rep. Yap

ACT-CIS Representative Eric Yap asked for forgiveness and understanding after he admitted he acted “business as usual” in the ten days after he was tested for coronavirus on March 15.

“I ask for the forgiveness and understanding from the people I interacted with. I was paranoid because I was feeling a slight cough, but I felt it was normal for me,” he said in Filipino.

Yap said he got tested because he was exposed to various people with exposure to COVID 19. Still, because the Department of Health (DOH) did not immediately release the result, he did not undergo 14 days of self-quarantine.

Meanwhile, members of Congress who met with Yap have also taken part in the 14-day self-quarantine.