Power supply, water enough for summer: DOE, Maynilad

The supply of water and electricity this summer is enough.

That is what the Department of Energy and Maynilad have ensured in the face of the increase in consumption often experienced during the summer.


According to the DOE, in their forecast, there is no “red alert” or imminent shortage of power reserves this summer.

There is only a yellow alert or thinning of the reserve in the few weeks of April to June so there is unlikely to be a brownout.

“For those period na ine-expect o sinasabi na may yellow at red alert hindi siya mangyayari. We will have sufficient supply as long as wala nang additional outages na mangyayari from the big plants,” said Energy Assistant Secretary Redentor Delola.


The NGCP had earlier told the public to save electricity due to the alleged red alert in Luzon. But because the weather is shady, the situation on the Luzon grid is still normal.

But according to the DOE, there is a policy that utilities and NGCP must contract for power reserves so they have a warning.

Power supply, water enough for summer: DOE, Maynilad

“We cannot afford to go through these recurring problems. It provides a threat as to our political stability, economic stability and even national security and we will have our elections next year. And if you think the Department of Energy is weak wait until we partner with PCC (Philippine Competition Commission), PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) and the DOJ (Department of Justice),” said DOE Undersecretary Wimpy Fuentebella.


Manila also ensured that the water shortage in 2019 will not be repeated this summer.

Negotiations are just beginning on the new agreement between Maynilad and the government, but the company clarified that it cannot forget the delayed rate adjustments and projects undertaken by Maynilad in recent months.

“Hindi po pupuwede ‘yun dahil meron po kaming mga investments in the past. Mahirap sagutin ‘yung tanong na is it fair di ba? Because we are now about to engage with our own talks with the government,” said Maynilad Chief Executive Officer Ramoncito Fernandez.

The concession agreement of Manila Water is over with Malacañang announcing that there will be no surcharge until the end of 2022.