Ping Medina begs for money

Ping Medina did not think that he would reach the point of begging for donations for himself due to lack of money.

Through an Instagram post this Sunday, July 25, Ping admitted that he has run out of money due to business losses and a series of misfortunes this year, 2021.


According to Ping, he used the remaining PHP36,000 to become a cockfighting agent and lent the rest to a client.

He said his “master agent” has not yet paid him for the cockfight as well as the client who owed him money.

Although he did not want to ask for money, he needed financial assistance to pay the rent of the condo unit where he lives and the physical store of his sausage sandwiches business.


Ping celebrated her 38th birthday on Friday, July 23rd.

Here is part of Ping Medina’s statement:



“Friends, I need a huge favor.

“See, I tried being a sabong agent last month. My master agent asked me for money to keep our account going.

Ping Medina begs for money

“I also had a player who would spend 10k a day so when she asked for an advance I thought she was good for it.

“They both haven’t paid me. Exact amount is 36k.

“That’s my business’ rent money and 2 months amortized rent for my condo this coming Aug 1. I don’t know when they will pay.

“I’ve been doing okay since the but I ran into a bad streak this year. The second ECQ killed physical store sales at Bulilith Smoked Sausages.

“Customer traffic is starting to normalize but there were 3 months of people not wanting to go out. I needed another source of income.

“Unfortunately, sabong found me. I never gambled before in my life so I didn’t know the effect it has on people.

“Sadly, I’ve come to witness that it is truly an addiction preying on weak minds.”

Ping Medina is said to be ready to give up his life here in Manila and live in the province in case he has no other option.

“So now, I’m publicly begging for birthday donations. For me,” the actor said.

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