Pia Cayetano warns against fake websites that charge e-arrival card fees

Senator Pia Cayetano warned about fake and sponsored websites that offer electronic registration cards or arrival cards that are paid for $70.

During the demonstration in the middle of the Senate session, Cayetano said that her returning abroad, encountered the fake website.


She has not yet mentioned the website and said she would reveal the full details in a privilege speech Tuesday, but she is already sounding the alarm so that no one is fooled.

She said this is worrisome because there may be overseas Filipino workers or tourists who will be cheated of $70. It may also be the reason for foreign tourists not coming, so it can be considered economic sabotage.

According to Senate President Juan Miguel , that can be considered “highway robbery”.


During the discussion in the Senate, the senators turned to the torture, inconvenience and impractical requirements for travellers.

Cayetano said the Bureau of Quarantine is still sealing compliance with the COVID-19 protocols even though there is no quarantine.

According to Zubiri, there should be no e-card because the immigration stamp on the passport is enough.


Pia Cayetano warns against fake websites that charge e-arrival card fees

Senator Ronald dela Rosa complained about the ban on bringing P10,000 out of the country and pointed out that when he was a police colonel, he was stopped by immigration when he was going to Taiwan because he was carrying P11,000.

Senate Minority Leader Koko Pimentel said that the collection of the travel tax should be stopped because the constitutional right to travel is taxed only here.

Meanwhile, Bureau of Immigration (BI) officers assigned in the different international ports are prohibited to go on leave to ensure that adequate manpower is available to serve the traveling public during the Christmas season.

In a statement, Immigration Commissioner Norman said the ban on vacation leaves from November 15 to January 15 was implemented to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of services by the BI to international travelers, who are expected to enter and exit the country in large numbers before, during and after the Christmas break.
Tansingco bared that passenger volume at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) have already started to peak up not only due to the approaching holiday season, but in view of the gradual easing of restrictions imposed on foreign and Filipino travelers during the pandemic.

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