Philippines to deport 155 illegal call centre workers in Pasay City

PH Immigration Deports 155 Illegal Foreign National in Pasay Call Center Raid –
Bureau of Immigration (BI) agents arrested and issued deportation charges against 155 foreigners caught in call centres and online gambling operations in an office in Pasay City on Monday.
Elain Tan, BI spokeswoman, said that the operation stemmed from a tip-off from a ‘concerned citizen' and followed by a monitoring and surveillance operation that eventually verified the report.
On July 20, at 2pm, BI operatives raided the area and caught the in the act of working. Those caught lacked the proper immigration documentation which allowed them to work within the country.
Out of the 155 arrested and being deported, a large portion were Chinese. They will be charged under the Philippine Immigration Act for being improperly documented.