PH nurses salary lowest in Southeast Asia, researchers find

PH nurses
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PH nurses salary is the lowest in Southeast Asia, according to the new research by data aggregator iPrice Group.

Findings determined the wage gaps among the Asean countries and examined earnings vis-a-vis the boom of online spending.


PH nurses salary is about P40,381 a month in the Philippines, 57 percent less than those in Vietnam, which comes next as the country with the lowest paid nurses. Vietnamese nurses receive about P62,200 per month.

In Singapore, nurses surpassed their peers in other Asean countries by 486 percent as they get around P236,400 per month. The study revealed that has the highest salaries across the region for frontliners.

Meanwhile, nurses with the same credentials in Indonesia and Thailand take home about P79,000 and P83,000 per month, while Malaysian nurses get about P97,000.


iPrice Group collected information on the salaries of mid-level frontliners in seven Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) countries via Economic Research Institute-powered Salary Expert.

Medical technologists

Medical technologists in the Philippines get around P29,444 in the Philippines monthly, lower than the P57,000 in Vietnam, according to the study.

Meanwhile, med tech workers in Malaysia earn 178 percent more than Filipino peers at P82,000 monthly. Singaporeans take home P210,000 monthly.


Also at the bottom of the pit are other Filipino frontliners during the coronavirus pandemic, including truck drivers, warehouse workers, supermarket clerks, and security guards.

Data showed that local truck or driver helpers in the Philippines get about P23,300 monthly compared to P17,000 in Vietnam. Meanwhile, the salary for local supermarket clerks is about P13,300 monthly, which is better than the P10,000 in Vietnam.

Warehouse employees earn 54 percent more than their peers in Vietnam. Security guards earn 34 percent more than their Vietnamese counterparts.

“However, this does not put these Filipino employees at a comfortable spot. Again, looking at countries with similar costs of living, non-healthcare Filipino front-liners still don’t earn as much,” iPrice said.