Patient shoots dead hospital guard in Manila

A guard at a hospital in Manila died after being shot by a patient who snatched his gun, Jonathan Andal reported in Unang Balita.

The patient, who was said to be mentally ill, was wounded when he clashed with the responding police and guards.


The incident occurred at Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center Monday night.

According to Police Lieutenant Colonel John Guiagui, chief of Station 3, guard Arturo Budlong reprimanded the suspect because he was out of the room.

When the guard turned around, the suspect allegedly snatched his gun and shot him. The victim was hit in the chest.


No other patients and police were involved in the disturbance, according to Guiagui.

In Sampaloc, Manila, a barangay councilor identified the suspect, who is now facing a murder complaint. He was allegedly taken to the hospital after being injured on his own weekend.

The hospital has not yet made a statement regarding the incident.


Family outing in Isabela ended in tragedy; 1 dead, 16 wounded

The happy picnic of the family ended in tragedy when the elf truck they were riding in had an accident in Cabagan, Isabela.

In a report by Jasmin Gabriel-Galban on GMA Regional TV “Balitang Amianan” on Tuesday, the police said that the victims were coming from and were on their way home to Tumauini the truck hit the streetlight of the barangay and then overturned.

A was killed, and a child was critically among 16 others injured.

The investigation revealed that the couple had a picnic and bathed in the river.

The driver of the truck allegedly drove fast and fell asleep, so the incident happened.

It appears that the driver, who was among the injured, was also drunk.

According to a relative, it was noticed that the driver was driving fast, so the truck was stopped, and the passengers got off.

Authorities also warned not to drive under the influence of alcohol and avoid gatherings due to the pandemic.

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