Passenger’s laptop damaged after passing through MRT3’s x-ray scanner

A passenger’s laptop got broken after she passed it through the MRT3’s x-ray scanner.

The MRT3 management apologized but defended that the guards were not told that there was a laptop inside the bag.


In the Saksi report this Tuesday, it was said that the passenger, Allana Columbres, was standing in line past 9 in the morning on March 15 for the scanner of items entering the MRT Taft Station.

Columbres laid down the bag where her laptop was. However, a male passenger allegedly forced his own bag into her back and hit her bag.

Columbres was alarmed because her bag was left inside the scanner, but the security guards on duty didn’t seem to care. They also allegedly did not press the scanner’s emergency stop button.


When Columbres examined the laptop, it was broken and the screen was cracked.

“The security guards on duty, however, were not informed that the backpack contained a laptop. Hence, the electronic gadget was not put on a separate tray, a pile of which was found beside the x-ray scanner, before it was placed on the conveyor belt,” according to the MRT3 statement.

Passenger’s laptop damaged after passing through MRT3’s x-ray scanner

“Contrary to what Ms. Columbres has said, however, CCTV recording captured that her bag was already in an upright position when she placed it on the conveyor belt. There was also an adequate space between her bag and that of the passenger who was next in line to her,” the MRT3 administration added.


In addition, the operator also stopped the x-ray machine when there was a jam.

“The signage also reminds passengers that MRT3 will not be liable for any baggage losses or damages incurred while the x-ray scanner is in operation and also while the passenger is inside MRT3 premises,” said the MRT3 management.

Despite this, MRT3 has apologized to Columbres.

But Columbres said she did not remember anyone stopping the x-ray machine.

She said she was not angry with the guards, but was disappointed that there was no urgency in what happened and no sympathy for the passengers.

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