Pacquiao vs Hussein exhibition fight possible

In light of the uproar caused by Carlos Padilla Jr.’s comments about Manny Pacquiao and Nedal Hussein’s disputed 2000 contest, the two fighters have discussed the possibility of an exhibition bout.

The two former fighters got together via zoom call for an episode of “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho,” where they discussed the referee’s accusation that he helped Pacquiao win their match 22 years ago.


Padilla claimed he gave a longer count after Pacquiao was knocked down because he counted a headbutt as a punch.

“It’s Carlos Padilla’s fault. He is the one that’s to blame and his big mouth,” Hussein said.

“If he did something wrong on his part during that fight, he should quiet and shut up. But now, he’s revealed it to the people. That’s now his responsibility, not ours,” Pacquiao agreed.


In spite of the controversy, Hussein claims he harbors no ill will toward Pacquiao.

“I’m a big fan of Manny. All boxers have respect for the other boxer,” he said. “Maybe we’ll do an exhibition one day.”

Hussein hasn’t boxed since 2007, but Pacquiao’s exhibition match inspired him to go back there.


Pacquiao vs Hussein exhibition fight possible

“If there’s a challenge, I’d love to do it against Manny,” he said.

In response, Pacquiao indicated he would be willing to fight Hussein in Sydney, Australia.

In the meantime, the WBC has established an investigative committee to review Padilla’s comments on the Pacquiao-Hussein contest.

Upon hearing about the controversy, Pacquiao claimed he watched the fight again and had no fault with what transpired.

The unfair officiating of the battle, according to Hussein, was the main source of his frustration during the bout.

Boxing expert Quinito Henson claims that he examined the fight and found nothing unusual.

Suzy Tuano, Padilla’s daughter, wrote a letter of appeal to the WBC arguing that her father’s 88-year-old Hall of Famer statements was misunderstood.

“He does not need controversies at this very late stage in his life. I know I may sound biased being the eldest child of six, but I believe that through his legacy, he has proven his worth and we, his family, would appreciate it if people respected his contributions to the boxing community he so loved, by giving him some well deserved consideration,” she said.

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