Pacquiao absent during corruption probe he started – Gordon

Senator Richard “Dick” Gordon said it was strange that Senator Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao was absent during the probe on alleged corruption in the government he initiated.

Gordon said he was informed of a proposal for the Blue Ribbon Committee to look into corruption allegations on the Departments of Health (DOH), Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), and Energy (DOE).


“What will be strange, if not irregular, however, in this situation will be the reality is while the accuser has made an accusation, he opts not to be present when the investigation is supposed to be conducted,” Gordon said.

“The gauntlet had been thrown down, he has chosen to pick it up. He who has picked it up cannot suddenly leave and ask someone else to wage the fight in his stead,” he added.

Pacquiao headed to America to prepare for his fight against Errol Spence, which will be held in Las Vegas on August 22.


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Pacquiao absent during corruption probe he started – Gordon

Before going to Los Angeles, Pacquiao first held a press conference to reveal the alleged missing P10.4-billion in funds under the social amelioration program (SAP).

Due to the alleged missing funds, 1.3 million beneficiaries did not receive assistance during the pandemic.


Pacquiao also questioned the use of the Starpay e-wallet in distribution.

The purpose of using the service for the distribution of is good. But he said the problem is that it has been infiltrated by corruption.

Pacquiao also denied that he was politicizing the situation in the face of the upcoming election.

He said this has nothing to do with whatever his political plans are next year, and he also insisted that he is not trying to anger Duterte.

“We are elected public officials, first and foremost. Our primary duty is service to those who have voted us into office. Any other duty, especially to the self, must always come second,” said Gordon.

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