Overstaying British national arrested in Palawan –BI

An overstaying British man was arrested by Bureau of Immigration (BI) operatives on Thursday in Coron.

Commissioner Norman Tansingco identified the fugitive as Paul Stuart Leggot, 61, who was arrested in a bar along Governor’s Drive in Dongapan, Coron, Palawan by operatives of the Immigration intelligence division and fugitive search unit.


Apart from overstaying, Leggot was allegedly found to have been engaging in gainful employment without the necessary work permit.

Records show that he has been in the country since 2014, without securing appropriate visas for his business.  He was said to own a popular resort in Coron, despite not being properly documented.

Tansingco lauded the investigating team and warned erring foreigners not to abuse the hospitality of the country.


“Foreign nationals may only work or have business in the country if they secure the appropriate visas and other permits,” said Tansingco.  “Aliens who refuse to comply with our laws take away opportunities from Filipinos, and do not submit appropriate taxes to the government,” he added.

The Immigration said that Leggot will immediately be flown to Manila for booking and inquest, before being transferred to the BI’s facility in Bicutan.

Easter Sunday arrivals jump to 45k – BI

Immigration recorded more than 45,000 arrivals on Easter Sunday.


BI Commissioner Norman Tansingco said that more than 33,000 departures were also recorded.

Tansingco said that the increase of arriving passengers is expected at the tail end of the holidays.

“The high number of arriving and departing passengers show that the travel sector is already recovering,” said Tansingco.  “We see this as a good sign, and we believe the numbers will continue to rise until the end of the year,” he added.

The BI Chief earlier reported that operations of the BI remained smooth sailing despite the spike in travelers during Holy Week.

A total of 155 immigration officers have been fielded for the week, together with a batch of 36 immigration officers who were deployed after completing their training.

Tansingco commended officers who completed their duties during the holiday season.  “Our officers sacrifice precious time with their loved ones to serve the traveling public,” he said.  “Despite the challenges, we are thankful to those who continue their work efficiently and professionally,” he added.

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