NCAA, JRU punish John Amores with indefinite suspension

One of the Jose Rizal University Heavy Bombers’ basketball players, John Amores, has been suspended indefinitely from playing in the National Collegiate Athletic Association or NCAA Season 98, after his incident attacking and punching two players from the opposing College of St. Benilde-Blazers on Tuesday, November 8.

It is evident in the circulating videos that John Amores punched Pasturan in the eye while Davis punched him in the jaw, causing him to faint for a few minutes. Amores was immediately taken out of the court, and the marshals separated him.


Pasturan and Davis of the College of St Benilde were immediately taken to the hospital and subjected to a physical examination to check if there was any other concern or impact from Amores’ attack.

Davis recounted in the interview he was only going to calm Amores, but the punching happened. He said he was just trying to protect his teammates and to be honest, he didn’t know what was going on.

“I was just trying to break it up and next thing you know, I didn’t see where it was coming from but I got hit right in the chin,” said Davis.


After the meeting and deliberation this Wednesday, November 9, the NCAA leadership formally issued an official statement.

NCAA, JRU punish John Amores with indefinite suspension

“Violence has no place in the NCAA,” said the NCAA Management Committee.

“The ManCom condemns, and will not tolerate, any acts of violence that will endanger our athletes, participants, officials, supporters, and the public.”


Aside from the NCAA, the leadership of JRU, the same school that John Amores attends, has also released an official statement.

“The University has therefore decided that Mr. John Anthony Walker Amores will be suspended indefinitely. This means that he will not play for the remainder of the NCAA Season 98 basketball games of the Heavy Bombers nor participate in team practices,” they said.

Their decision is different from the NCAA’s decision on the issue.

This is not the first time Amores has been beaten. Before this incident, he punched Mark Gil Belmonte of the University of the Philippines team.

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