Michelle Madrigal and Troy Woolfolk co-parent daughter amid divorce

Michelle Madrigal has announced that she and her husband, Troy Woolfolk, have separated. However, they will still remain co-parents of their daughter Anika.

“[Troy] and I have been separated and are going through divorce. Of course, we have remained friends and co-parents to our beautiful daughter Anika,” said Michelle on Instagram.


According to Michelle, they want Troy to be open because of the messages and comments they receive.

“We hope that y’all can give us the space and respect with our decision,” Michelle pleaded.

“We thank y’all for all the love and support you have given The Woolfolk family. We will always have love for each other and cherish the good times rather than the bad ones,” Michelle added.


Troy Woolfolk also confirmed his divorce from Michelle Madrigal on his Instagram.

“We have separated… So please stop asking. It’s a shame that I even have to make this post but a lot of people have been so dang intrusive in my life and not letting me live so I felt forced to validate something that is really none of their business,” said Troy.

Michelle Madrigal and Troy Woolfolk co-parent daughter amid divorce

“We have no drama we are still cool. I will always love @mitch_madrigal cause she is the of my child that we will co-parent together. I still love everyone in her family and will continue to treat them like my own,” Troy added.


“We still have that friendship, just not companionship in the sense of marriage,” said Troy in a video.

Michelle and Troy were married in Texas in April 2019 after they met on Tinder.

Michelle gave birth to Anika in 2017.

In June 2020, Michelle Madrigal revealed in her latest  that she underwent breast implant removal last December and felt healthier now.

Madrigal, who is now a  enthusiast, said she hasn’t felt “breast implant illness” symptoms — like chronic fatigue, random sharp chest pains, and unexplainable itchiness on her breast area after the implant removal.

She said she decided to have the implants because she felt insecure, and having full breasts was what’s promoted as sexy in the media.

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