Marcos schedules talk with Kuwait after Ranara’s death

Following the violent killing of an overseas Filipino worker, President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. asks if there are “weaknesses” in the labor agreement between Kuwait and the Philippines.

He said there would be a meeting with Kuwait to discuss the agreement between the two countries.


“We are also scheduling bilateral meetings with Kuwait to look at the agreement that we have to see if there are weaknesses in the agreement that allow this to happen and to make sure that those weaknesses are remedied,” Marcos said after visiting Jullebee Ranara’s wake.

“We hope this will never happen again to anyone of our countrymen,” he added.

Marcos promised the grieving family that the administration would take care of their needs, including scholarships for Ranara’s kids.


“I just wanted to offer my sympathies to the family. And to assure them that all the assistance that they might need for the family… ang pangako ko sa kanila kaya naman nagsakripisyo ang nila na magtrabaho sa abroad ay dahil may mga pangarap siya para sa kanyang pamilya,” Marcos said.

“Sinabi ko, noong nawala na ‘yung niyo, kami na lang ang tumupad ng pangarap… lahat ng assistance na pwedeng naming ibigay, ibibigay namin,” he added. 

Marcos schedules talk with Kuwait after Ranara’s death 

According to reports, the culprit, the 17-year-old son of the woman’s employer, sexually assaulted and impregnated the 35-year-old OFW, whose body was discovered charred in the middle of a Kuwaiti desert.


Susan Ople, secretary of the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW), stated that despite Ranara’s passing, the DMW did not feel the need to impose a deployment prohibition to Kuwait.

“If you impose a deployment ban, you are sending a message that Kuwait is not suitable for workers. ‘Galit-galit tayo. Hindi kami magpapadala sa inyo (We are at odds with each other. We will not deploy our workers),” Ople said at a separate [ress conference.

The DMW has requested that Ranara’s employer be temporarily suspended.

Based on media reports in Kuwait, the 17-year-old suspect allegedly raped and impregnated the victim.

It is said that the suspect also ran over Jullebee Cabilis Ranara twice. Authorities have arrested the suspect.

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