Luis Manzano sued for Fuel Flex investment scam

The National Bureau of Investigation has received a complaint against actor-host Luis Manzano in connection with an alleged Fuel Flex investment scam.

According to the article on “24 Oras” by John Consulta, Jinky Sta. Isabel and other investors filed the lawsuit in an effort to collect millions of pesos in investments.


She stated that Manzano’s presentation persuaded her to invest in Flex Fuel. Supposedly, he is both the chair and one of the gasoline station’s owners.

“‘Ako ito. Luis Manzano ito.’ Kaya agad-agad akong nag deposit,” Sta. Isabel said.

“Siyempre, hindi ka magda-doubt sa kanya. Siyempre, Luis Manzano, artista,” she added.


Sta. Isabel stated that the Securities and Exchange Commission only permitted the company to sell products and not solicit investments.

According to Manzano’s camp, he filed a complaint against his buddy and firm CEO Ildefonso Medel Jr. in November 2022, after investors asked him to collect their money.

Manzano stated in a statement, “I never participated in the running of the business.”


Later, he resigned and formally disassociated himself from ICM group companies, including Flex Fuel.

Luis Manzano sued for Fuel Flex investment scam

“Bong conducted the business in such a way that operational matters were kept away from me,” claimed Manzano, who added that Medel did not reveal “essential matters” to him.

In the same statement, Manzano stated that after his resignation from Flex Fuel and other ICM companies in February 2022, a number of investors sought out his assistance. However, after conveying these requests to Medel, the latter took no action.

“Up to now there are still individuals reaching out to me for help and assistance regarding their investments in Flex Fuel,” he said.

He allegedly lost millions of pesos as well.

At least five investors submitted a complaint to the NBI against Manzano.

Investor and spokeswoman Jinky Isabel stated that despite Manzano’s claim that he never participated in the running of the business, he should be held accountable for the alleged fraud.

Luis Manzano is a Filipino-American TV personality, actor, comedian, VJ, and model popularly known by his nickname Lucky. The actor’s parents are Edu Manzano and Vilma Santos.

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