Korean hiker lost for 11 days survived by drinking his own urine

Mr Choi after his rescue following 11 days lost in the mountains near Barlig Town. The 56-year-old put his survival down to drinking his own urine. Picture courtesy of Barlig Town Police Station.

A Korean hiker who got lost in the wilderness for 11 days has been found alive after he sustained himself by drinking his own urine.

Choi Sungkyu, aged 56, went missing near Barlig Town in Mountain Province on June 9 and was found yesterday (Tuesday, June 20).


He told rescuers, who were called in to find him on June 14, that he had survived by drinking spring water and also his own urine.

He was taken to hospital where he was immediately hydrated and had his blood pressure stabilised. Medics said his ordeal was not expected to have any long-term health consequences.

In a statement, the Mountain Province Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council said: “Mr Choi is now reunited with his family, with the Korean embassy consul and other staff, friends and other Korean volunteers who have been giving physical as well as moral support during the seven-day operation.”


His family has expressed gratitude to everyone who helped with the search. “This is a miracle and we are truly thankful for everything,” said one unidentified family member.

Mr Choi is now staying in the Barlig area with his family. He was planning to receive a health checkup in Baguio, but had been detained by a landslide on the nearby mountains due to a heavy downpour.

South Korea’s ambassador to the Philippines thanked the search team and plans to deliver letters of appreciation to the local military and police forces involved in Mr Choi’s rescue.


“We vow to continue our efforts to ensure the safety of our citizens staying abroad,” said Korea’s Foreign Ministry.

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