Kim Whamos accused of sexual harassment by 2 TikTokers

In part two of complaints against vlogger Cruz in Raffy Tulfo in Action, two TikTokers accused him of sexual while allegedly making videos with Whamos.

The revelations came after Whamos gave his side of the story concerning child accusations made by the mother of her girlfriend Antonette Del Rosario.


A TikTok personality named Rose Ann Sabile said Whamos asked her for a collaboration vlog. She agreed. But during Whamos' birthday pool party, she said the vlogger allegedly laid beside her and started hugging her. She allegedly said no, but Whamos pretended to be cold and wanted to be hugged. She also said she woke up because Whamos was kissing her.

She added Whamos did not take her after the incident but took her to his house instead.

Whamos answered the allegations and said it was Rose Ann who hugged him first. He added she only wanted to be famous, so she was just making issues now. He said Rose Anne just wanted from him.


Meanwhile, another TikTokerist named “Honey,” 17-year-old, also complained of sexual harassment against Whamos.

According to Honey, Whamos asked her to do a collab. But during one of their shoots, she was allegedly resting when Whamos went on top of her, kissing her and asking her to have sex with him. She allegedly pushed him and said no.

Kim Whamos accused of sexual harassment by 2 TikTokers

Kim Whamos denied Honey's allegations. His girlfriend also slammed the TikTokers for involving themselves in her and Whamos' controversies.


Idol Raffy Tulfo also told Whamos that more women would complain against Kim Whamos.

In the end, the complainants and Whamos agreed to undergo a lie detector test to end the issue.

Meanwhile, Whamos insisted that he could not be charged with child abuse since the mother of Antonette knew and gave her blessing for him and Antonette to be together.

Antonette is currently staying with her biological father and would undergo an assessment from DSWD to know whether it is safe for her to return to her mother's custody.

Antonette, in the previous interview with Tulfo, accused her stepfather of molesting her.

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