Incoming BIR chief will ask Marcos Jr. to lead in paying taxes

Incoming Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) chief Lilia Guillermo will ask President-elect Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. if he can be a role model in paying taxes. This is related to the Marcos family’s alleged P203-billion real property tax liabilities.

In a television interview on Wednesday, Guillermo was asked about the Marcoses’ alleged tax debt. He said he still needed to check the documents first.


She will ask Marcos to be a “role model” in paying the tax if there is a tax to be paid.

“Actually sabi ko nga, I need to know details, I need to know… Alam mo ang sasabihin ko lang naman sa kaniya kung saka-sakaling I have to collect or BIR has to collect, sabihin ko sa kaniya this amount, hindi naman po talaga kayo ang magbabayad, it’s the estate,” Guillermo told ANC.

“‘Puwede ho ba maging role model kayo?’ ‘Yun ang magiging ano eh. The Marcoses will now pay their taxes because nag-comply sa batas. It came from the Supreme Court, it’s final and executory so, ‘yun lang naman ang sasabihin ko sa kaniya. Pero I should have the correct data,” she added.


According to Guillermo, they have not yet discussed the matter with Marcos.

“Walang ganoong pag-aalinlangan because I met the President himself. Wala siyang sinabi tungkol doon,” said Guillermo.

Incoming BIR chief will ask Marcos Jr. to lead in paying taxes

Before Marcos was chosen to be the head of the BIR, Guillermo served as assistant governor of the Central Bank of the Philippines.


On Monday, Guillermo expects to see documents about the Marcoses’ alleged tax debt. This will also follow the transfer of power of the BIR.

According to Guillermo, the amount collected from the Marcoses will significantly help the BIR’s collection, especially if the amount in question reaches P200 billion.

“We have to convert those properties to cash para madagdag sa tax collections ng BIR. Give me the time to go over the documents. How much are we talking about? Hindi ko alam kung talagang P200 billion ‘yan, and maybe if that’s really the amount, imagine it will help really in the collections of BIR,” she explained.

The Marcoses have not yet made a statement about what Guillermo said.

But incoming Executive Secretary Attorney Vic Rodriguez has previously said that the assets in question in the case are still being heard.

Rodriguez also assured that Marcos would abide by the court’s decision and the law.

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