Who is included in the A5 priority group vaccination?

An estimated 8.5 million individuals are part of the A5 priority group.

This includes poor members of the aged 18 to 59 years.


The A5 priority group is on the list of the poor based on the National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction – or according to local government verification.

According to vaccine “czar” Carlito Galvez Jr., it is possible to start vaccinating the A5 priority group when the 4.2 million vaccine doses arrive from the COVAX facility this June.

“Titingnan natin ‘yung program flow ng ating LGUs, just in case na nakita nila na talagang wala nang dumarating at na-exhaust na nila ‘yung kanilang effort to allow A1 to A3 to be vaccinated, pwede na silang pumunta sa A5,” said Galvez.


Galvez added that the Philippines also has about 2 months to use the more than 2 million AstraZeneca doses that are expected to be delivered before the end of June before it expires.

“So kailangan po talaga natin sa other sectors so we can exhaust ‘yung administration ng AstraZeneca before it will be expired on August,” said Galvez.

The government targets to speed up vaccination against in the country and inject 250,000 doses per day this month.


Galvez hopes to cope with this as more than 11 million vaccines are expected to arrive this June.

Who is included in the A5 priority group vaccination?

This includes the 100,000 Sputnik V that would have been expected today.

But according to Galvez, they are still discussing whether to increase the vaccine to be included in the shipment.

“At least 1 million… We are planning in every delivery. So mas madali iplano siya kung in bulk siya. They have already signed many contracts previously ahead of us, at the same time, they have domestic requirements, eh,” said Galvez.

About 50 million COVID-19 vaccine doses are expected to arrive in the country by the 3rd quarter of the year. Another 40 to 60 million doses for the last quarter of 2021 if all manufacturers’ commitments are delivered.

Consequently, it is expected that by mid -September and October, the government will start the vaccination of the general or the remaining population that has not been vaccinated.

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