Filipinos remain world’s biggest gin fans despite global surge in popularity


Filipinos remain the world’s most enthusiastic gin drinkers, despite a global surge in the alcoholic beverage’s popularity. 

According to a report from the International Wine and Spirits Research group, gin saw the biggest gains in global alcohol consumption in 2018, while volumes of beer and wine dipped over the same year.


Overall global consumption of alcoholic drinks dipped slightly between 2017 and 2018 by about two per cent.

Despite this fall, analysts believe global consumption is set to increase steadily over the next five years from 27.6 billion nine-litre cases in 2018 to 28.5 billion cases in 2023. 

In terms of value, that translates to a growth of seven per cent over the next five years from the $1 trillion (about 52 trillion pesos) market in 2018, driven by demand for premium products.


Meanwhile, the category that saw the biggest growth last year was gin, which by grew eight per cent. This was apparently driven by a trend for pink gin and what the report calls the “premiumisation of the market”.

Gin experienced its biggest growth in the UK at 33 per cent, followed by the Philippines, which remained the world’s largest gin market with an eight per cent growth.

Over the next five years, growth is predicted to be particularly strong in the UK, Philippines, South Africa, Brazil, Uganda, Germany, Australia, Italy, Canada and France.


After gin, whiskey also experienced a strong year, recording a growth of seven per cent, thanks in large part to consumption in India, followed by a strong performance in Japan and the United States.

On the flip side, the losers last year included vodka, beer and wine, all of which experienced global declines of about two per cent.

The world’s fastest-growing alcohol markets, forecast for the five-year period up to 2023:

1. India

2. Mexico

3. Vietnam

4. Philippines

5. Nigeria

6. Poland

7. Ethiopia

8. Myanmar

9. Sri Lanka

10. Turkey

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