Filipina maid abused by employer in Hong Kong escaped

It is said that more and more domestic workers are being abused by their employers in Hong Kong. One of them was an OFW who escaped and showed the marks of cruelty inflicted by her employer.

In a report by Maki Pulido on GTV’s “Balitanghali” on Thursday, the OFW, who hid under the name Eden, said that she endured her employer’s cruelty for more than a year until she escaped on May 30.


The traces of the frying pan, slap, kick, and scratch that she received from his boss can be seen on various parts of the OFW’s body.

Aside from the pain, her work hours are excessive from 5:30 am to midnight, and there has been no day-off since the pandemic broke out.

Her employer allegedly took her cell phone so that she could not report it.


Based on data from the Mission for Migrant Workers, the incidence of maltreatment of domestic workers in Hong Kong has been rising since the pandemic.

From the previous 245 cases in 2019, it became 802 in 2020.

Filipina maid abused by employer in Hong Kong escaped

The incidence of sexual harassment has also increased, with three out of every 50 seeking help.


One in five seekers has experienced physical abuse.

According to the United Filipinos in Hong Kong, many Filipinos have not taken a day off since the pandemic.

“Sasabihin ng employer, mag-stay ka sa bahay kasi baka makakuha ka ng COVID sa labas. Kung Sunday ‘yan, sasabihin ‘wag ka lumabas,” said Dolores Balladares Pelaez of United Filipinos.

“Pero ‘yung ordinary days na kailangan mo mamalengke para pagluto ‘yung pamilya, okay lang pinapalabas ka,” she said.

It is said that OFWs are forced to tolerate their situation for fear that their employer will cancel their employment visa.

On the other hand, the Philippine Consulate said that this is the possible reason why so few are reporting. But they do not seem to have a record of increasing cases.

The consulate also allegedly supports Filipinos who want to file a case.

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