Failed wisdom tooth extraction resulted in neck operation

A woman suffered double pain after she underwent two surgeries due to a failed wisdom tooth extraction.

In the video of GMA News Feed, “Rhian’s” neck got swollen after the dentist she went to in San Juan wrongfully extracted her wisdom tooth.


The woman allegedly could not eat because of what happened to her neck, which was swollen, and her throat also hurt.

On x-ray examination, the wisdom tooth that she thought had been pulled out by the dentist pierced into her neck.

“Noong tinatanggal na niya iyong ngipin ko, nagtaka ako kasi parang buo niyang tinanggal,” said Rhian. “E yung kabilang ngipin ko noong tinanggal nang dati kong dentist, sinection niya.”


Her new dentist allegedly told her that it would be better if he removed her tooth completely.

But when the operation was performed, she noticed that the dentist’s face had changed.

“Natakot ako, ang ginawa ko pumikit na lang ako,” the patient said. “Bigla niyang sinabi, ayun buti na lang natanggal ko na.”


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Failed wisdom tooth extraction resulted in neck operation

But a few weeks after the extraction, her neck began to swell. When she told this to the dentist, she was only prescribed antibiotics and vitamins.

When the swelling did not go away, she said she could no longer contact the dentist.

According to oral surgeon Gerald Hernandez, the wisdom tooth that should have been extracted was not removed. Instead, it slipped out of place and broke part of the bone in the patient’s jaw.

“Mukhang pinuwersa nang malakas iyong ngipin during binubunutan siya kaya nag-break off iyong buto doon sa banda likod noong ngipin kaya na-displace siya papunta sa submandibular space. Since nabasag iyong buto sa likod, na-shoot iyong ngipin papunta sa loob,” the doctor explained.

The teeth that have been displaced were removed, but it has left a severe trauma to Rian.

Hernandez advised fellow dentists, “We should know our limitations in our practice and skills to avoid complications like this.”

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