Forced evacuations ordered due to Taal Volcano’s seismic activities

Authorities are forcibly evacuating some residents in province as a precaution against the ongoing Taal Volcano activity, Tuesday.

According to a report by Teleradyo, Tuesday, the is evacuating those on Taal Volcano Island at the behest of the Batangas PDRRMO in connection with the recorded seismic activities.


This shows how the Talisay, Batangas authorities evacuated some residents while reminding everyone not to panic.

The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) confirmed the evacuation in a statement this afternoon.

“[O]n-going ang evacuation sa mga residenteng na nasa Taal volcano mismo na dapat No Man’s land kaya kailangan sila palikasin. Ang mga pinapalikas ay mula sa dalawang sitio ng Municipality of Talisay,” NDRRMC’s response to reporters.


“This order is for precautionary measure done in line with the recent activities of the volcano pero hindi ‘naga-alburuto’ po ang Taal.”

Phivolcs recently said that Taal Volcano Network has recorded 98 tremor episodes in the past 24 hours, something that takes five to 12 minutes.

Forced evacuations ordered due to Taal Volcano’s seismic activities

“Activity in the Main Crater consisted of weak emission of white steam-laden plumes from fumaholes that rose 5 meters high,” said the state volcanologists.


“Alert Level 1 (Abnormal) is maintained over Taal Volcano. DOST-PHIVOLCS reminds the public that at Alert Level 1, suddent steam-driven or phreatic explosions, volcanic earthquakes, ashfall and lethal accumulations or expulsions of volcanic gas can occur and threaten areas within the Taal Volcano Island (TVI),” it added.

-Phivolcs now recommends a “strict ban” on entering Taal Volcano Island, the permanent danger zone (PDZ) of the volcano, and especially those areas of the Main Crater and Daang Kastila Fissure.

Some netizens are now registering their concern over the behavior of the volcano while praying that it will not erupt again.

It will be recalled that Taal erupted violently in January 2020 after it reached “Alert Level 4,” causing evacuation of thousands of Batangas and neighboring provinces.

Alert Level 4 refers to a “hazardous explosive eruption” that is possible within a few hours or days.

It will be recalled that the dangerous “ashfall” of Taal reached as far as Metro Manila and CALABARZON.