Dutch national travels to Philippines as sperm donor

A Dutch national traveled to the Philippines not only as a tourist but also as a sperm donor.

The Dutch known as “George,” arrived in the Philippines last November to give Filipinas a chance to have babies with no sexual intercourse or through artificial insemination.


In this episode of “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” this Sunday, it is said that since arriving in the country, he has helped three Pinays to get pregnant by giving his sperm.

George said it was not new to him because he was also a in their country.

“It’s quite common in my country. There are other sperm donors,” he said.


Among those he was able to help are lesbian couples, heterosexual couples, and even women who just want to have children without marriage.

When he learned that sperm donors were in demand in the Philippines, he didn’t hesitate to come here.

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Dutch national travels to Philippines as

During the show’s episode, George met with a Pinay woman client who married an older foreigner and could no longer have children.

Compared to going through the hospital for in vitro fertilization amounting to hundreds of thousands, the woman said it would save her a lot of money since she just needed to pay for George’s lodging and food. She would also give “tip” to the sperm donor, which is around P15,000 to P30,000.

George showed how the process was done. He and the client met and went to separate rooms wherein George would harvest his sperm. He then handed the specimen to the client, who would insert the sperm to her using a sterile syringe.

George said he would still help the Pinay client if nothing happened on their first try.

Health and catholic officials say sperm from donors are not acceptable in the Philippines, citing medical and moral reasons such as the sanctity of marriage.

Meanwhile, George said he knew he could not do business here because of the limitations of his tourist visa. He said he would just do it for free.