DTI approves price hike on Noche Buena items

According to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), manufacturers of Noche Buena products can now raise prices.

According to Trade Undersecretary Ruth Castelo, the price of Noche Buena products will be allowed to move because they are not included in basic or prime commodities.


2019 is also the last year for Noche Buena items to increase in price.

“This year pipilitin natin ulit na subukan kung kaya nating mapakiusapan pa sila (manufacturers),” said Castelo.

“Kung hindi natin sila makuha sa pakiusap, ang ipapakiusap natin, if ever na gagalaw sila or magtataas sila ng presyo, ‘yong absolute minimum lang,” she added.


Some manufacturers of spices, canned tuna, pasta, biscuits, milk, and have reportedly announced price increases this November.

One of the reasons why prices have to be raised is because of manufacturers ‘expenses, such as paying workers’ 13th-month pay, according to Philippine Amalgamated Supermarkets Association President Steven Cua.

On the other hand, Castelo assured that despite the series of oil price hikes, they are still restricting the hiring price hikes on basic goods or basic commodities.


DTI approves price hike on Noche Buena items

“Nasa atin na rin ‘yong mga request. Tinitingnan na natin, nag-umpisa na tayo mag-compute nito, pero wala pang instruction kung kailan gagalaw, kung this year ba o next year, hindi pa natin alam,” said Castelo.

Meanwhile, Excelente Ham-a a popular ham brand in Quiapo, Manila-has also raised its price due to its love of pork and ham ingredients.

The store is preparing for the influx of customers by December.

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