Dogs of Jelai Andres poisoned

Jelai Andres, a content developer, is mourning the loss of her two dogs, who were allegedly poisoned. They are mother and daughter Kitty and Neko.

On June 9, Jelai posted a YouTube vlog titled “Till We Meet Again” in which he explained the terrible experience. She was delivered with the pets’ ashes on the 22-minute vlog, during which she couldn’t stop crying with her sister Candy.


Candy explained that they first concealed the dreadful news from Jelai, who was out working because they knew it would break her heart again. Jelai’s dog Chicken died in 2020 after contracting the dangerous canine parvovirus.

Kitty and Neko were allegedly poisoned. Candy claimed that when they returned home after going out, a frail Kitty was racing to find Neko, which was odd because Neko was always waiting for them in front of the gate.

Kitty was rolling around the floor looking for Neko in her final minutes, according to Candy, before becoming unresponsive.


“Grabe ginawa nila!” Jelai Andres said. “Sobra ang ginawa nila!”

“Ang sakit-sakit kasi dalawa at mag-ina,” she said.

Dogs of Jelai Andres poisoned

Jelai has already sought the of pet charities Pawssion Project and Paws, and she wishes to have Kitty and Neko’s deaths investigated. However, she also stated that her pets were not the only victims, as there have been other documented incidences of dogs being poisoned in their neighborhood.


“Parte po ng pamilya iyong mga alaga, huwag niyo pong patayin,” she said. “Walang kalaban-laban iyong mga aso.”

Meanwhile, Bamboo, a 10-year-old English bulldog, was recently lost by radio broadcaster Mo Twister (Mohan Gumatay) and his wife, fellow DJ Angelicopter (Angelika Schmeing).

Bamboo was “removed from the home he safeguarded so diligently for so many years” by three workers in Las Vegas last June 6, according to Gumatay on Instagram (June 7 Manila time).

“(They) tied a rope around his neck and led them into their truck in this summer heat,” he wrote. “I have the cam footage driving away from our home with Bamboo.”

Bamboo’s body was discovered in the location of the person who abducted him, “nowhere” near their home, Gumatay claimed on June 8 (June 9 Manila time). Bamboo must’ve “put up a hell of a fight,” he declared, but he still suffered.

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