BI intercepts fake docs, warns of scammers offering services

The issued another warning against scammers offering immigration services to foreign nationals.

In a statement, BI Commissioner Norman Tansingco reiterated previous warnings against scammers that offer to fix BI-related documents.


The warning comes after two separate interceptions at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) and the BI Main Office.

Intercepted last October 25 by BI airport personnel at the NAIA Terminal 1 was an American citizen who presented a spurious exit clearance.

An exit clearance is required of foreign nationals who stay in the country for more than six months under a temporary visitors’ visa.


Immigration officers reported that upon inspection, they noticed that the document contained various discrepancies, including misspelling the name of Tansingco.  Upon verification with their centralized database, it was found that no such clearance was issued by the BI.

The American was denied boarding, and was turned over to the BI’s Legal Division for proper disposition.

Last October 28, Tansingco issued a denial of the application for Provisional Work Permit (PWP) of 36 Indonesians petitioned by two Makati-based internet marketing and customer support service companies.


BI intercepts fake docs, warns of scammers offering services

The companies, according to the BI, submitted fake Alien Employment Permits (AEP) as part of their application.  AEPs are a pre-requisite in the issuance of PWPs.

The application of the 36 were denied and their cases were forwarded to the BI’s Legal Division to initiate action against the petitioner and applicants.

“We issue a warning to foreign nationals not to avail of illegal offers,” said Tansingco.  “We have around 60 offices nationwide, and are expanding to ensure that services are closer to the people.  There is really no excuse not to comply with immigration laws,” he added.

Meanwhile, the announced the  of four foreign fugitives wanted by authorities, for committing serious crimes in their homelands.

According to Immigration Commissioner Norman Tansingco, the four aliens will be deported to their respective countries, and placed in the Bureau’s  to prevent them from re-entering the Philippines.

He disclosed that the aliens were apprehended from October 10 to October 18 in separate operations conducted by operatives from the BI’s Fugitive Search Unit (FSU) in Pampanga, Catanduanes, and Metro Manila.

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