Baste Duterte calls President Marcos lazy, tells him to resign

At a leaders’ forum in Davao City on Sunday, Mayor Sebastian ‘Baste’ Duterte boldly challenged President Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr to step down.

As reported by Rgil Relator on GMA Regional TV’s 24 Oras Weekend, the mayor addressed city officials and Duterte backers, delving into the people’s initiative (PI) as the core subject.


In Bisaya, Duterte challenged President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. to resign from his leadership role.

“Mr. President, if you do not have love or have no aspirations for your country, resign,” Duterte said.

“You are lazy and you lack compassion… All of these things that he is causing in oppressing the people. So there, he is putting politics first, their self-preservation of their political lives. They are not doing their jobs first,” Duterte added.

Duterte claimed that those behind the PI wield it to keep their grip on authority. The mayor advocated for the persistence of his father, former President Rodrigo Duterte’s initiatives, especially the fight against illicit drugs.


Following his outburst, the mayor offered no additional information about his comments on Marcos. Duterte merely mentioned governmental instability without further explanation.

In his address at the prayer gathering, Duterte gave President Marcos a rather foreboding warning.

Baste Duterte calls President Marcos lazy, tells him to resign

“Just a simple message sa ating Pangulo: From now on, before you go to bed, think of the Romanovs. Think of Benito Mussolini and his wife. And think of what happened to you in 1986 and maybe you’ll reconsider the direction that you are taking.”


Yesterday, backers of President Marcos and former leader Duterte held competing demonstrations, illustrating a growing divide among their families amid a contentious dispute over the nation’s Constitution.

The Hakbang ug Maisug event brought together over a thousand political figures from across the nation in Davao City to back the ex-president Duterte’s campaign, displaying unity to show that Filipino loyalty is not up for purchase.

Ex-members of senior Duterte’s government, such as Harry Roque, Jun Evasco, and Alfredo Cusi, were in attendance, along with the former Speaker of the House, Pantaleon Alvarez.

The initial chief aide to Marcos, Vic Rodriguez, also attended the gathering. After the leaders’ meeting, a prayer event was held at the city’s Rizal Park.

As both sides try to strengthen their supporters and grab important roles before the approaching midterm elections next year and the 2028 presidential election—which Sara is widely tipped to enter—relations between the clans have worsened.

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