How to Apply for a Job as a Family Lawyer

One of the most fulfilling legal careers is within the area of family lawyer. Apart from having the chance to help individuals and families navigate through challenging periods of their life, you also get the opportunity to make a good living. 

Family law is an area of practice that covers numerous legal issues that families face. From adoption, child custody, divorce cases to spousal and child support concerns, family law goes beyond being a lawyer and instead, extending empathy and guidance through difficult life situations. 


Though this field is certainly not without its challenges, practicing this area is emotionally and financially rewarding. If you are interested in going down this career path, you must have a solid grasp of what the job entails and what it takes to practice this profession. Take a look. 


What is a Family Lawyer? 

Family law, simply put, is a type of legal practice centered on tackling legal issues around family units. Issues that can fall under this area of specialization include adoption, child abuse and neglect, parental custody, child and spousal support, divorce, division of assets, and the termination of parental rights. 

By extension, a family lawyer is an attorney who handles these cases. They are legal professionals that handle the legal issues encompassed by family law. They may also file legal documents and serve as mediators between the parties involved. 


What You Need to Apply as a Family Lawyer

To become a family lawyer, an individual must have an undergraduate degree. Likewise, aspiring applicants must have also passed their Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree with a special focus on family law. Passing the bar, as well as a license to practice, and more than 3 years’ of experience are preferred. 

In addition to obtaining these, further training and studies focusing on family law are also vital. Additional courses such as family counseling and psychology will also be an advantage. Professionals must also be well-versed in the current trends and news in the field. 

Furthermore, a lawyer must also possess exceptional communication and counseling skills, particularly as you will be working with individuals going through emotional and or physical turmoil in their lives. Knowledge in accounting and finance are also crucial. 


Applying for a Lawyer Position

Individuals interested in applying for a lawyer position at a firm of their choosing can do so by coursing their application through job search platforms such as Indeed UK, Gazette Jobs from The Law Society, or even Prospects. 

You can utilize these job search platforms by filtering in the job sector you’re applying for, your desired location, and even the salary you’re aiming for. However, bear in mind that the average salary of a family lawyer in the UK is £46,710 per year

To apply, you can simply create profiles or upload your resumes on these platforms before sending out your applications to your desired law firms.

If accepted, your day-to-day responsibilities as a lawyer include drafting correspondence, going to court for hearings, advising clients, and making negotiations. 

The Bottom Line

Overall, venturing into family law offers an insightful and fulfilling career for legal professionals. If you wish to practice your expertise in this area as a lawyer, make sure to take note of these considerations and you can help effect changes in the lives of others. 

And also not that once you are comfortable in your role as a family lawyer, you don’t necessarily have to work for others. You can start your own family law firm and employ other family lawyers. This can give you more freedom on the cases you take on and it can also help you educate yourself further and specialize.