American stranded in NAIA arrested for exposing self, unruly behavior

Authorities arrested an American who was stranded at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) for 3 weeks for indecency and unruly behavior.

The 75-year-old Maurice Francis O’Connor was currently detained at police headquarters. Authorities apprehended him after he refused to wear a face mask and face shield inside the airport. He frequently took off his shorts and expose his private parts in public.


O’Connor also destroyed the airport’s COVID-19 information board at the arrival extension on Wednesday, February 3.

An airport concessionaire also filed a complaint against O’Connor after he allegedly spilled on her face. She added he also stole 2 bottles of soda and other food items from her.

The NAIA public affairs office already informed the US Embassy regarding O’Connor’s status and behavior. However, no one from the Embassy has checked on O’Connor as of posting.


The American earlier said he was from Massachusetts. He also claimed he was a Vietnam war veteran. O’Connor said he was stranded at NAIA after missing his flight to Thailand.

Last month, it was reported that two  have been stranded at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 2 for nearly two years now.

American stranded in NAIA arrested for exposing self, unruly behavior

They were identified as Johnson Emmanuel Josiah, 42, from Liberia, and Alain Njogho Acha, 32, from Cameroon.


According to airport authorities, the two refused to go home for unknown reasons.

Acha arrived in NAIA terminal 2, on April 4, 2019, as a transit passenger from Bangkok after he was not allowed to enter Japan.

Josiah arrived on April 21, 2019, via Philippine Airline flight PR-383 from Guangzhou, China.

The two stranded foreign nationals are seeking asylum in the Philippines. However, the Department of Justice denied their request.

According to Bureau of Immigration spokesperson Dana Sandoval, BI has turned over the custody of these two to the airlines which have now the responsibility to put them on the next flight going to their countries of origin.

Sandoval added the foreigners were resisting efforts to board the plane and making a scene that could endanger other passengers.