Alice Dixson shares photo at marijuana farm

Actress Alice Dixson shared a photo taken at a marijuana farm on Tuesday, September 8.

“This photo was taken on a cannabis farm. Yes marijuana! I look like a deer ? in the headlights…,” she said.


“Hundreds of plants sooo tall, all different sativa & indica strains; some maybe 9-10 feet tall. Pinsan @camillagriggers & I had to climb a mountain high for this unique experience. We'd both never seen anything like this…,” she added.

“All in search for some answers, knowledge & truth,” the actress said, ending her posts with hashtag #marijuanailegal.

Alice Dixson then said she would be releasing a about the marijuana farm soon.


Alice Dixson shares photo at marijuana farm

The photo garnered 3,000 comments and around 37,000 shares after two hours it was posted.

“Alice in wonderland,” a netizen said.

“Salute to those who seek for answers and the truth! medical cannabis for pain management and other illnesses should be legalized asap,” another commented.


Meanwhile, LEGALIZEHEMPhilippines, saidi am telling you there is a reason this plant is “illegal” and it is not for the bad reasons…when you can't tax something that is natural and patent it and sell to you for billions of money..there are many people who don't want it legal… #freetheplant.”

The cultivation and use of cannabis in the Philippines is illegal under the Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

As the Philippines is a signatory to the 1961 United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, Cannabis is classified as a Schedule I drug, which limits its use to medical and scientific purposes.

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Marijuana is the second most used drug in the Philippines after (methamphetamine), and most cultivation in the country is for local consumption. Cannabis is cultivated mostly in the remote, mountainous regions of Luzon and .

While cannabis remains widely illegal, including medical use, individuals with a severe or terminal illness may apply for a special permit from the Food and Drugs Authority for drugs unregistered in the Philippines, including those containing cannabis. Since the issuance of permits began in 1992, only one application has been filed to seek consent to use cannabis oil as of December 2018.