After over 100 days in NAIA, stranded European tourist returns home

A European tourist finally returned home after being stranded at the Ninoy International Airport (NAIA) for over 100 days.

Roman Trofimov said in a Facebook post on July 3 that he arrived in the country via AirAsia on March 20. It was three days after the government placed the entire Luzon under enhanced community quarantine.


“I am European from Estonia held in Manila International Airport for more than 100 days need any help getting out of here,” he said.

“I am person with disability my health is getting worse because malnutrition, lack of sun and fresh air,” the European tourist shared.

“I arrived in Manila March 20th and been denied entry, airline who fly me in AirAsia took my passport and stop operations that same day i am not allowed to fly out. AirAsia say i need to wait for Enhanced Community Quarantine to be over before i am allowed to fly i don’t know details,” he added.


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After over 100 days in NAIA, stranded European tourist returns home

A report on Metro said Trofimov had a connecting flight to Cebu and a return flight to on April 2, but they were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trofimov said he reached out to the Estonian Consulate, but he said they were not able to assist him at the time.


“Estonian consulate is no help either. I held inside airport Terminal 1 for more than 100 days,” he said.

He said he stayed in Terminal 3 at first and slept on the floor and the metal benches for one week.

“Only after I talk to my Consulate of Estonia, the airline started to provide food for me and then transferred us here on April 1st I think,” he said.

AirAsia in a statement sent to GMA News Online said the foreigner arrived in Manila when airlines suspended flights to comply with the travel restrictions imposed by the government.

“AirAsia covered costs for his accommodation and meals three times a day since his arrival,” the airline said.

Trofimov finally returned home on Tuesday, July 7. AirAsia coordinated with the Estonian Consulate General in Manila to arrange Trofimov’s flight.

“With help of god and [thanks] to all people who supported me in this difficult time I am going home now!” he said. “Thanks for sharing my story with world, good advice you give me and kind word of support.”