3 Chinese nationals try to bribe DFA employees arrested

Agents of the National Bureau of Investigation-Quezon province arrested three Chinese from Manila after attempting to obtain a Philippine Passport from the Department of Foreign Affairs Office in Lucena City using fake documents and bribe DFA employees P800,000 pesos.

According to DFA Lucena, one of the three suspects, identified as Chaoyu Su, approached one of their security officers.


The security officer allegedly helped the foreigner to have a contact or friend within the department to be able to make a passport. Se allegedly offered 400,000 pesos for each passport that could be made for the 10 Chinese clients.

Instead of keeping it a secret, the security officer immediately informed the DFA Lucena administration of the incident.

DFA Lucena immediately coordinated with the DFA Central Office in their Intelligence Unit. It was there that the DFA began to study the incident and contacted the NBI-Quezon for an entrapment operation.


This Friday morning, Chaoyu Su went to DFA Lucena with two other Chinese who were supposed to get a Philippine passport.

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3 Chinese nationals try to bribe DFA employees arrested

The Chinese couple Jiewu Pan and Cuiyi Lian, first went up to the office while Chaoyu Su handed 800,000 pesos to the security officer in the DFA parking lot.


The NBI agents arrested Su after he handed the money to the security officer. The Chinese couple did not finish processing their passports as the NBI also captured them.

According to NBI Quezon Provincial Director Dominador Villanueva, the Chinese thought they could pay the DFA Lucena employees.

They said they did not know that the DFA members were honest in their work. The arrested foreigners were POGO workers based on their investigation. They said they wanted to get a Philippine passport to change their name and make them look Filipino in the eyes of the people. They said they want to enjoy the privileges of being a Filipino in the wrong way.

The suspects are facing charges of violating Passport Law and Falsification of Public Documents. They will also face Bribery charges for attempting to bribe the NBI.