Over 2.8M Filipinos fully vaccinated vs. COVID-19

The National Task Force Against reported Monday that over 2.8 million Filipinos had been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 since inoculation started in March.

According to the task force’s latest bulletin, 11,708,029 doses have been given across 1,197 active vaccination sites nationwide.


The government was able to administer an average of 254,141 doses daily over the past week.

A total of 8,839,124 people have received the first dose vaccine, while 2,868,905 are now fully vaccinated.

More than 1.7 million health workers, 2.5 million senior citizens, 2.9 million persons with comorbidities, 1.3 million essential workers, and 256,431 indigents received the first dose.


Meanwhile, more than 1.1 million health workers, 788,630 senior citizens, 897,719 persons with comorbidities, 26,109 essential workers, and 227 indigents have completed their vaccination against the disease.

“The government is urging eligible populations belonging to priority groups A1 to A5 to register with their local government units, get vaccinated, and complete the required number of doses as scheduled,” the task force said.

Over 2.8M Filipinos fully vaccinated vs.

“Regardless of vaccination status, everyone is urged to continue practicing the minimum public health standards as you may still get infected with and infect other people,” it added.


Last month, OCTA Research said it is still possible to reach  in the National Capital Region () and eight other places in the country against by Christmas if the government ensures that the Delta variant originating from India will not spread in the Philippines.

Fr. Nicanor Austriaco, a member of OCTA, said he is confident that herd immunity will be achieved with NCR Plus 8 even though only 2.25 million or 3.87% of the population were fully vaccinated on June 22. It was also learned that 8.9 million doses of the vaccine were distributed by the government.

“Given the numbers, our hope that we will reach herd immunity in NCR Plus 8 by Christmas is reasonable. This does not take into effect the Delta variant,” said Austriaco.

The lack of COVID-19 vaccines is a challenge for some local governments, so they cannot afford the vaccination.

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