12-year-old dies with 2 children he tried to save from drowning

What happened to a group of children in Barangay Pulanglupa Uno, Las Piñas on Monday was horrible.

The three drowned children were lifted one by one from the water accumulated in a pit near the construction site.


They were not revived when they were taken to Las Piñas District Hospital.

Residents of Bernabe Compound were the deceased Renz Lian Aquino, age 7; Arkin Xavier Haresco, 9; and Alwayne Ross Tandoc, 12.

According to the relatives of the younger victims, they did not know that the children went to the area to take a bath in the heavy rain that afternoon.


Renz Lian and Arkin Xiaver jumped into the water even though the friend who swam earlier told them it was deep.

Alwayne Ross did not swim at first, but according to witnesses, he jumped into the water to save 2 when they asked for help.

But he also had difficulty getting up and drowned.


His family is still proud of what Alwayne did.

Families are requesting assistance for the burial of the children.

The area was only minutes away from the children’s house.

Drowning is the listed of children.

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12-year-old dies with 2 children he tried to save from drowning

According to the families, they will end the burial for the children before talking to those in charge about what happened.

Meanwhile, two children who drowned were found dead in Dasmariñas, Cavite.

The children’s friends allegedly agreed to take a bath in the Pasong Baca River, but the 11 -year-old and 13-year-old victims did not float.

The incident was reported to CDRRMO Dasmariñas, and the Coast Guard immediately launched a search and rescue operation.

After a two-hour search, the two were found in the deep part of the river.

According to the Coast Guard, that part was also muddy, so they were hard to see and may have been trapped there.

Authorities warned people to avoid bathing in the river, especially without an older adult.

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