Track Your Android Smartphone – The Best App To Use

In today’s age of technological advancement, our families are at an increased risk of becoming victims of cybercriminals. With communication software like Snapchat and social media, we are within easy reach of bad people.

Parental control and keeping your kids safe has never been as important as it has become now.


With applications like PanSpy and many others, tracking the location and data on a smartphone is greatly simplified.

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Security is a necessity. To keep your children or other members of your family safe, software and mobile developers have created numerous applications. These applications can track a variety of features on a smartphone, including the location.


Among its entourage of features, you will be able to keep track of the phone’s location, data usage, and chat history on software like Whatsapp, Snapchat, and others.

It will also allow you to stay up to date with call logs, SMS history, videos, and pictures that are downloaded or stored. 

To run the app in stealth mode, if you don’t want your children or employees to be aware of the application, you will need to access the setup menu. There, a listing with the option and a checkbox will appear, asking if you would like to keep the icon. 


Who It Is Suited For

The PanSpy app is designed for numerous security purposes. Not only will it allow you to keep track of your smartphone in case of theft, but concerned parents will also be able to monitor the security of their children.

It can also be used by employers who supply their laborers with tablet and smartphone devices so they can monitor data usage and safety.


The app is compatible with any Android device that is version 5.0 and newer. It is also available for Apple iOS devices that have versions 8 and higher.

You will require physical access to the device in order to install the spy software, and you will need the device to have continued internet access.


The application is available in a limited free trial version that will remain active for three days, but it will only feature a few basic tracking abilities.

The first subscription option is the premium plan. This allows you to use the application for one month at a once-off fee of $24.95. This will provide you with more features and tracking options, but it will still be limited. 

The Ultimate package is a 12-month membership. It is available at $8.33 a month, but must be paid upfront. The total annual cost is $99.95 paid upfront. This package permits the full use of all the features that PanSpy has to offer, and it remains active as long as payments are made.


  • Allows you to track the location of any given device at all times
  • Lets you to monitor applications, messaging, and internet usage on any device
  • Is among the more affordable options of spy software available
  • Allows access to monitor social media accounts
  • Can be accessed remotely with another device or any computer with access to your PanSpy account


  • To track multiple devices, it will require you to buy an equal number of licenses

How To Download

To download the app, you will have to visit and create an account through their online service. Then, you can proceed to the “buy now” page and select which package or trial you want to purchase.

You can download the application from there. Simply use the “buy now” option and complete the transaction. Then, you will be prompted to start the download, and the automated process will begin.

Once the download is complete, you will have to access the apk file in the download folder to begin the installation process. In order to monitor multiple devices, you will need to buy a license for each device you wish to use PanSpy on.

Quick Instructions On How To Use It

To use PanSpy, you will have to create an account on the PanSpy network. After that, download the app for the device it is intended to monitor, install it on the device, and you are mostly done. Once the installation is complete, you will be prompted to set up the preferences. 

Once done, you can access the data that is being monitored from a computer by signing in to your PanSpy account or from any other device with internet access.

In the control panel, you can freely view any of the reported data. For more detailed instructions, you can read the following tutorial on the PanSpy website.

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In short, it is simple to use and is an application that is designed to monitor any devices for security concerns.

There is a disclaimer that is concerned with spying on devices that do not belong to you. Since this is illegal, PanSpy will not support any such activity. If you are concerned about employee activity or the safety of your children, try it today.