Comelec charged P15.3-M for Vote Pilipinas campaign in 2022

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) confirmed the letter they received from the lawyer of Impact Hub Manila charging their debt or obligation to the company, which will reach P15.3 million.

This is related to the conducted Vote Pilipinas Campaign concerning the 2022 National and Local Elections.


In the two-page Notice of Demand to Pay of Impact Hub Manila signed by their legal counsel, Atty. Ma. Karla Denise Frias reminded the Comelec of their dues to the company.

According to Impact Hub Manila, it was November 2019 when their project began with the Comelec to support and promote the commission’s voter education and encourage Filipinos to register for the 2022 National and Local Polls.

According to Comelec spokesperson Atty. John Rex Laudiangco,  the Education and Information Division of the Comelec, received the Impact Hub letter and uploaded it to the office of Chairman George Garcia and their law department.


Garcia said it’s good that the reminder came from Impact Hub, especially since government funds are being discussed here.

But he said the process could not be rushed because the Comelec is also conducting criminal, civil and administrative investigations.

Comelec charged P15.3-M for Vote Pilipinas campaign in 2022

“Its good that its them who reminded us of this issue and brought this back to our collective memory. Public fund was involved and it is our sworn duty to spend it only pursuant to established rules , regulations and auditing practices. We are determining whether everything was in order or whether something somewhere along the way, serious issues of questionable nature did set in. We cannot be rushed to settle , more so that there are criminal , civil and administrative liabilities being investigated,” said Garcia.


According to Garcia, the Comelec has formed an investigating panel that focuses on the issue.

He said the said panel submitted their report, but the Commission en banc returned it and ordered to clarify what laws and provisions may have been violated and what the detailed recommendations to the specified individuals based on the existing law.

“I moved for the creation of the investigating panel. The panel already submitted a report several months ago. However, the En Banc returned it to the body with the instructions to clearly pinpoint the specific laws and provisions involved, the responsibilities if there be any of certain mentioned individuals and a more detailed recommendations based on the facts and the laws applicable. The factual antecedents as determined by the panel remained as is,” said Garcia.

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