Vietnam police raid condom recycling warehouse

Authorities in Vietnam raided a condom recycling warehouse wherein around 345,000 used condoms, which had been cleaned and sold again as new were found.

“Footage broadcast by state-owned Vietnam Television (VTV) this week showed dozens of large bags containing the used contraceptives scattered across the floor of a warehouse in the southern province of Binh Duong,” Reuters reported.


The warehouse owner said they had received a “monthly input of used condoms from an unknown person,” said state newspaper Tuoi Tre.

A woman arrested from the warehouse said they first boil the used condoms in water before drying and reshaping them on a wooden phallus. Once recycled, they would repackage and resold the contraceptive.

“VTV said it was not clear how many of the recycled condoms had already been sold. The detained woman said she had received $0.17 for every kilogram of recycled condoms she produced,” Reuters said.


Neither the woman nor the owner of the warehouse commented on the incident.

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Recycled condom used as candy wrapper

In 2019, a mother was shocked when she saw the lollipops her three-year-old child bought were packed using condom wrapper in , Ilocos Norte.


The mother narrated that her child vomited because of the said lollipops.

She said that her child bought the lollipops from a “sari-sari” o sundry store near their house at Barangay Garreta.

“Hindi ako makatulog kasi dahil sa nangyari sa anak ko. Wala naman akong alam na ipinakain ko pero ‘yun lang ay may binili sila na mga candy at chocolate sa kapitbahay namin,” the mother said.

She discovered it after her child asked to open the  wrapped in a foil pack. She was shocked to see the exposed condom wrapper.

Someone just wrapped it with a thin and colorful plastic with a “lollipop” name on it.

Her two other nephews who also ate the lollipops also experienced stomach ache.

The mother quickly reported the incident and brought almost 10 pieces of lollipops to the police.

Some of the lollipops’ wrapper is from a glass cleaner product.